Are you an engineer of the future?

Every time we go to work, turn on the television, make a mobile phone call, or engage the Sat Nav system in a car or smartphone, space technology enables our modern life. Space also connects our Armed Forces and our humanitarian agencies around the world and delivers essential intelligence. Earth observation satellites are also essential to monitoring and understanding the climate crisis.

The UK space industry is thriving and growing continually thanks to first-class universities, cutting-edge technology, pioneering companies and strong government support. When looking at growth the UK space industry has trebled in size since 2000.

There will be more jobs created in West Yorkshire in the space sector because space is so important. – when it comes to well paid, high skilled and sustainable jobs West Yorkshire has the ambition, businesses, leaders and support to drive growth and provide exciting cutting-edge employment of the future.

a world-leading precision manufacturing company

Reliance Precision is a world-leading precision engineering company based in Huddersfield. They design and manufacture specialist gears and motion control solutions for a range of applications including aerospace and space.

Reliance manufacture...

Ring Gear




Asquith Butler based in Brighouse West Yorkshire have been manufacturing machines tools since 1865. The company is guardian of the world renowned “Asquith” and “Butler” machine brands featuring iconic products such as the Asquith “Radial Arm Drill”, “Ram-Type” Boring machines, the Butler “Elgamill” and newer products from Asquith Butler “the Starcut 250 and 400 “ Vertical Gantry machine”, “Powercentre” and the larger “ HLE” travelling column horizontal machines- all renowned for their robust designs, quality, and reliability of service.

Today the company focuses on sale of spares, service, geometric calibration, refurbishment and retrofit of Asquith Butler machines and exemplary customer service.



Thomas Brown Engineering Ltd, in Crosland Moor, manufacture high precision parts for aerospace, defence, food and drink, automotive and electronic industries.



Reliance Precision have over 60 years’ experience in providing custom-built, high reliability, precision instrumentation to customers from a diverse range of global markets. Their engineering capabilities include design, development, prototyping, manufacture, assembly and test. This is complemented by a catalogue of precision motion control products.



Addev Materials Aerospace Ltd, in Holywell Green, are specialists in coatings, chemicals and surface treatment products for the aerospace and other high tech industries.