Are you an engineer of the future?

Working in the robotics industry is both challenging, rewarding and incredibly engaging. With new innovations and tools always being developed, every project presents opportunities to overcome unique challenges that can require creative solutions. In the robotics industry, no two days are the same, from picking petri dishes to welding lampposts, drilling sofas to palletising pringles there’s always something new in the works.

In the robotics industry there is scope for all sorts of skill sets. CAD work is used to model the different cells. Coding is used to write custom software and robot programs. Electrical and pneumatic skills are used to design schematics for intricately designed peripheral solutions, and of course the manual engineering skills are needed to perform robot installations.

Life in the robotics industry provides a great opportunity to develop a wide variety of skills whilst being surrounded by innovation and creativity.

Robot Automation and Welding Equipment

Olympus Technologies, based in Huddersfield, is an innovative robotic integrator.  This means they design and produce all sorts of interesting machines for doing all sorts of tasks that humans would find boring!   For example loading pallets, welding the same thing over and over, moving things around and more. Check out their website.

Laser Marker Tending in collaboration with Colchester Machine Tool Solutions – YouTube

Robotics and automation is a key area of the future of manufacturing as the world moves to the ‘Industry of Things’ and connecting products to ‘speak’ to each other and reduce waste and environmental impact.

Olympus Technologies Manufacture...





TF Automation are specialist engineers, who design and manufacture process automation solutions as well as supplying local manufacturers with pneumatic and industrial components. Supporting a wide range of manufacturing industries from automotive, aerospace and defence, to pharmaceutical, printing, packaging and general industrial, we design and manufacture special purpose machinery, designed to client’s bespoke requirements.